CEO's Message




Dear Stakeholders,


When Dr. Pfau said at the Bambi Awards ceremony in Germany in October 2012 “ Your world is not mine” she meant every word of it, and it made us proud of being in a program that is different but not indifferent to human miseries.

The year 2013 brought along many challenges, but this did not deter us. The significant achievements were the successful launching of the Community Development projects, with main focus on informal education and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for the disabled, and our work in the Disaster Risk Reduction focusing on the Flood Reconstruction and Rehabilitation activities in Sindh and KPK.

The support continues to flow from our partners be it local or international, from individual to corporate, schools or funding agencies; their uniqueness is expressed in the way of their giving and every giving conveys a message of love and care.

It is through this giving that we reach out to individuals and communities, and touch the lives of people like Pari, a thirteen year old girl chained to a log in inhuman conditions, declared as mentally challenged, crying out that I am not mad, only to be diagnosed by our team to be suffering from epilepsy and freed from shackles to lead a normal life, or preventing a family from permanent sufferings from deaths of their children in the first few years of its life by revealing that both parents being carriers of minor Thalassemia will produce a major. This is only the tip of the ice-berg, true life experiences of heart rending stories of human miseries.

But! There is hope, yes hope for a better tomorrow, till a common belief continues to exist among the different stakeholders of joining hands for the good of mankind. This support is magnified in the giving of individuals, corporate, schools, volunteers and international partners as it expresses the true feelings of the giver and touches the lives beyond ones existence.

With a BIG THANKS that comes from hearts of all the receivers of your support. Yes! If they matter to you, you too mean a lot to them.


Mervyn Lobo.